An Image From Spring Street Social Society Dinner


For April, we have chosen a “Nice Team” that consists of Amy Virginia Buchanan and Patrick Janell of Spring Street Social Society and LA’s newest home and mercantile shop, Stay. Both Amy and Patrick represent a resurgence of what is now considered times of old when people used to connect through dinners, community, the arts and just good ‘ole fashioned time spent together.  We love this and feel society needs this more than ever! 


Aside from being creative ingénues, both Amy and Patrick are avid artists in New York City.  Amy is a singer/songwriter and theatre artist and Patrick hails from both a theatre and cinema background.  They both relish the many aspects of how entertainment, food, drink and culture bring people from different walks of life together.



We got together with these two and asked a few “nice” questions.  Here is our Q&A Session:


PTY: Can you describe your newest venture, Stay, a home and mercantile driven store in the popular PLATFORM shopping center in Culver City?

Amy/Patrick: "Welcome Home"


PTY: What is your favorite item in the shop right now?

Amy/Patrick: Collectively we both are obsessing over this vintage gold elephant we currently have in the shop.


PTY: What’s the last song you sang alone in the car or on the train? 

Amy: All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem 

Patrick: Into You by Ariana Grande


PTY: Describe the last nice gesture you performed for someone else? 

Amy: When a friend was staying in my apartment, and I was going to be out of town for the first few days she was there, so I filled the apartment with flowers to keep her company in my absence.

Patrick: Amy had to come into the city for an early morning meeting, so I made sure that a cup of black coffee and an array of gluten free snacks awaited her, since I knew she wouldn't have time to make coffee or have breakfast at home.

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