All photography by Mattie Krall Photography

As our inaugural “Nice Girl”, we want to recognize all women.  Women of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, struggles, nationalities, religions, sizes and styles.  Women of strength and women who are strong enough to admit weakness.  Women who don’t believe in perfect.  Women who fight for others. Women who truly embody nice.   Show us the beauty in your differences.

Show us what makes you unique.  Through March 31, tag @thepthyshop in your photo and use the hashtags #theptyshop and #diversity on Instagram, we will not only celebrate your diversity on our own website, but we will enter you in a chance to win a $200 gift card to The PTY Shop.





As our inaugural charity of choice this month to represent the beauty of this beautifully diverse world we live in, we are donating a percentage of all sales for the month of March to the ACLU local Oregon chapter.

From freedom of speech, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, racial injustice, women’s rights to religious freedom the ACLU has been a champion of civil liberties and rights for decades. We stand by the ACLU in their efforts to imagine and to build a future that is better than what came before.  

To find out more about the ACLU, please visit their SITE.  

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